"After 15 years of being out of work, I did not know where to start and was scared. But walking into the Manpower Portland office and meeting Sue made it so much easier."


Hired at Tyson Foods

"Manpower has helped provide me the foundation for what I will let blossom into an actual career. I’ve got college under my belt , past and present and I know the doors Manpower have helped open will help me grow and nourish a future for myself and my growing family. Thank you for making the opportunity available to me Manpower."


Hired at Wolverine Worldwide

"My experience at Manpower was the most amazing thing, the staff at Manpower are all helpful and amazing. Whenever I need anything Manpower has always been there to help. I am very grateful for each and every one of the staff at Manpower."


Hired at Belden Wire & Cable

"Hi, my name is Brandon Cole, and Manpower has been a staple in my professional career for the last 18 years. Yes, you heard me correctly, 18 years. Manpower placed me at my job in 2002. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to move up throughout that company, often times providing other new Manpower recruits with similar options. Seasons came and seasons went, but the one constant was Manpower providing us with stellar associates to achieve goals year after year. Then, in January 2019, my company of 18 years had to abruptly close. I once again reached out to Manpower and they were more than happy to work with me to help me find a job. Thanks Manpower, for always caring about me and my family!"


Hired at Saver Systems

"I had never used a temp service before . It was a scary experience but Shannon made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. Manpower helped me get to where I needed to be. "


Hired at Wolverine Worldwide

"I have always used Manpower . My #1 go to place to get a job. It has been an excellent experience working with Manpower. I would recommend everyone to use Manpower."


Hired at Vandor Corporation

"Manpower are great people to work for. Great people to help you get a job. If you have trouble with your check or any problems they are willing to help you all the way."


Hired at Belden Wire and Cable

"I came to Manpower April of last year and worked with Shannon to be placed at Osborn International. I was hesitant at first . I had never used a temporary service before. I finally just made the dive and worked with Manpower and I’m glad I did."


Hired at Osborn International

"I was recommended to come to Manpower. I was a little intimidated at first but everyone was really nice and helpful and they answered all of your questions. I would recommend calling Manpower its really easy and they are very helpful."


Hired at Belden Wire and Cable